Security/Personal Protection is a serious business. Often the probability of issues arising are low but the consequences are high.  Often, you are paying for insurance. But if things go bad, you need to manage the situation to minimise the impact. Have you employed the right people to do what has been promised?

Often the big companies make the big promises, but when you see the personnel that they provide, you realise that there is a disconnect between what is promised and what is delivered.  Ineffectual unprofessional guards/ personal protection personnel that do not match your expectations. They represent the company but cannot deliver the services required.  You are not confident that they can add any value that you cannot do yourself.

This can be ignored if nothing happens, but when it does, you need the people that are able to respond. You need to employ the right people for the job: mature, experienced people that predict potential problems, consider the consequences and are able to prepare and react intuitively when required. You do not need a shirt- filler with a badge. You need professionals that takes pride in their work: that can do what you can’t.


RONIN Protection Services only employs professionals, the people that take pride in their craft. We choose the best of the best, whether they come from of a civil, police or military background. Background is unimportant, compared to the job requirements: we employ people on their ability to do the job as determined by you. You get what you pay for.

We select and train the right people for the right job, as required by you.

We start with you. Then we design the services, the right people for the job, around what you require.

Need an overt, intimidating presence that warns off others. Need a communicator, a covert person that blends in, unnoticed?  Need a personal assistant that understands the business world? Need a personal counsellor or someone that understands the legal system in custody battles? Need someone that can get on with, and protect children? We can provide the right people for the right job.

It required, we work with other professional firms to provide services that match your needs. If we cannot do manage the job internally, we will work with affiliates that can provide what you need.

We provide a free consultation to determine your needs.

Email: roninprotectionservices, or telephone 044 7755 198.