THE DIFFERENCE- Our client’s needs determine the best people to do the job.

RONIN Protection Services is a small professional security firm, specialising in personal, tailored security solutions requiring the highest standard of professionalism and confidentiality.

RONIN Protection Services provides, flexible, private/VIP crowd control services across South-East Queensland. As a small firm, we able to employ experienced, highly-skilled, professional guards, the best of the best. We only employ mature,  professional  guards who are specifically selected on their communication skills (empathy, non-violent negotiation, conflict resolution, crisis management), situation awareness (the ability to proactively  recognise and intervene in a situation before a problem becomes evident), presence (the ability to take leadership and control of a situation) and ability to handle violence situations ( empathy, patience, negotiation, and controlled use of force  as required).

Our guards are specifically trained for the job required. We do not employ shirt-fillers, egotists, fantasists, bullies, the disinterested or the socially inapt. We only employ professionals who take pride in their highly-skilled craft.

RONIN Protection Services  provides executive protection for individual VIPs and groups such as sporting teams, bands and visiting  business  dignitaries and their families. We provide security and chaperoning services in Queensland and can assist in organising your visit to the region. Principal personnel have experience working with International VIPs an ensure your safety and convenience while visiting the region. We can provide personal executive protection throughout Australia.
RONIN Protection Services specialises in providing personal  protection in family disputes, custody battles, and domestic violence situations. We provide a  risk assessment based on the latest violence prediction assessments. Security personnel are experienced in crisis management and are empathetic to the personal sensitivities of such matters.  Our personnel are selected on their experience with parents/children, they understand the legal processes and the psychological and emotional stresses involved. They provide “the rock” in a turbulent time, providing safety and reducing fear, so that you can think clearly and objectively, at this life-changing time in your lives. We look out, while you look in. We work with social services, legal representatives, psychologists and police to ensure that your well-being is the primary concern.
RONIN Protection Services provides private investigation services internally and through professional, experienced, long-term affiliates in the industry. When you need to know, we provide the evidence for you to make objective decisions.  We use the latest security technology to provide supporting evidence for legal consideration. Counter-surveillance is often required to ensure  you and your family’s personal protection.

RONIN Protection Services specialises in providing executive/personal protection for families- domestically and in South-East Asia. The Director has a background in Government, International business/export, has travelled, lived and worked in 29 countries and speaks Bahasa Indonesia/Malay. We  have, and presently work with professional firms specialising in child protection and child abduction recovery domestically and internationally.
RONIN Protection Services customises and selects the right people for the right job including experienced security personnel from social, civil and military backgrounds. We only employ mature, experienced professionals with real life experience that take pride in their work. We only employ professionals with specific skill sets for the job.

We specialise, if we don’t have enough  highly competent personnel for the job, we don’t take it, we will not risk our reputation. It your require generic security work requiring just badged numbers of unskilled  personnel, we will refer you to existing security firms that are focused on providing cheap unskilled labour. We take pride in what we do, we do not compromise on quality.

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